In this week's podcast, Chris and Anne discuss the new board appointees at Meta and Shopify, Yeezy Gap and Balenciaga, Shopify's plans for physical retail, TikTok expanding its commercial reach, autonomous delivery at airports, and more!

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Today's Fast Five Fri, 14 Jan 2022
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Hello Omni Talk Fans! Anne and I are less than 24 hours away from boarding a plane to Newark Airport to attend NRF 2022.

And we plan to attack the show like Blanche from Golden Girls would a group of septuagenarian men playing shuffleboard.

Courtesy of support from Scandit, Firework, and Cleveron, we have a load of podcasts that we will begin dropping for you in a special edition of this newsletter on Monday and Tuesday, including the likes of Takeoff's and Leap's CEOs, as well as one big get that we are saving to tell you about next week.

Then come Sunday we head to Booth #51 in NVIDIA and Lenovo's Innovation Lab to livestream with the likes of Kroger, the Compass Group, and some of the best and the brightest startups in retail AI.

If you are at the show, please stop by. You may even get featured in one of our livestreams!

In today's Fast Five Podcast, Anne and I hotly debated even more topics than normal, including:

- Who had the cooler board appointee this week? Meta with DoorDash's CEO? Or Shopify with Instacart's?

- Whether the Yeezy Gap and Balenciaga partnership will amount to a hill of beans.

- If there is anything at all to read from a supposedly leaked Shopify patent on in-store traffic monitoring.

- Why TikTok broadening its consumer reach by way of its new Atmosphere partnership is so important within the context of video commerce.

- And, close with a pointed discussion about why autonomous delivery robots at the Cincinnati airport may be the wrong next step to solve a real consumer pain point.

There's all that, plus my likely lone Arizona Cardinals playoff plug of the season, our salute to Bob Saget, and why I would like to get "sequentially stable" with Tom Brady.

Listen to This Week’s Fast Five Podcast

Be careful out there,

-- Chris, Anne, and the entire Omni Talk team

P.S. We had over 540 people register to attend our LinkedIn Live discussion with Quorso CEO Julian Mills this week, and you could literally feel the pain and anguish of so many of the district managers in attendance as they chatted with Julian during the session.

To give our interview with Julian a listen, click here or on the image with the quite handsome gentleman right below this sentence.

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