In today's daily Fast Five, we've got news on Amazon, Target, Lowe's, Albertsons, and Kohl's, along with another great podcast on something so sinister that you won't believe it until you listen to it.

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Today's Fast Five Tue, 24 May 2022
Fast Five
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Hello Omni Talk Fans! Well, I certainly got an early start to my week because I boarded a plane this morning at 7:50 AM to give a keynote address at Manhattan’s Momentum Conference in Hollywood, Florida.

So today’s newsletter comes to you from 30,000 feet in the air, with arms fully tucked into my sides as close as possible, amid what is an extremely packed flight. One saving grace, however, is that I am wearing shorts on a plane for the first time in a long time (thanks Lululemon) because Florida is supposed to be hot, and I have never been there this time of year.

In addition to today’s headlines, we have another great podcast for you with one of our favorite people at Omni Talk -- Indy Guha of Signifyd.

This time Indy and his mellifluous voice teach Anne and me about a growing topic of importance in retail fraud – i.e. account takeovers.

What’s an account takeover you might ask?

It is how cyber criminals are smartly and sinisterly moving beyond just getting ahold of your credit card details and instead logging in as you with a retailer, making it even more difficult for the retailer to realize it isn’t you buying that Apple iPad that is being sent to New Jersey.

You can listen to our conversation with Indy by clicking here or on the image above.

And now to this week’s Fast Five Headlines:

Amazon reveals the location for its first Amazon Fresh stores in New York and New Jersey. (Read More)
CVS and Target are piloting a reusable bag kiosk with Goatote, which allows customers to check out and return reusable bags at their discretion. (Read More)
Kohl’s says that it expects to see final sales bids from all its many “two wrongs don’t make a right” suitors in the coming weeks. (Read More)
Lowe’s opens up a new store concept for its professional customers. (Read More)
And Albertsons has jumped (the shark) aboard the smart cart bandwagon with a huge pilot in a total of a whopping two stores in Idaho and California. (Read More)

Be careful out there,

-- Chris, Anne, and the entire Omni Talk team

P.S. Livestreaming and, specifically Firework, was the #1 hot topic coming out of Shoptalk this past March.

So Anne and I have invited one of our all-time favorite guests, Firework CEO and Co-Founder Vincent Yang, back to provide his mid-year report on the state of livestreaming across retail for the latest installment of our Live Ask An Expert Series on LinkedIn.

And even if you can't attend live, you should still register by clicking here or on the image below, because registering will give you access to the full recording after our event on LinkedIn, too.

Fast Five
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