In this week's podcast, Chris and Anne discuss Amazon's new apparel store, all the ridiculousness behind Walmart's drone announcement, Wayfair's new store, Firework’s huge money raise, and Nordstrom shutting down Trunk Club.

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Today's Fast Five Fri, 27 May 2022
Fast Five
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Hello Omni Talks Fans! Anne and I are just one week out from boarding a jet plane to Europe for Shoptalk in London, followed by a checkout-free retail tour of Germany and Amsterdam.

The trip will mark the most consecutive days Anne and I have ever spent together (12 to be exact), and judging from this week's podcast, neither one of us may make it back in one piece.

Anne was in the rarest of forms, going off on her biggest rant ever, while I also got as saucy as I could get right alongside her.

In today's take no prisoners Fast Five Podcast, Anne and I:

- Gave our very early take on Amazon's new Amazon Style store.

- Lambasted Walmart from the high heavens for its drone announcement this week.

- Lauded Firework for its recent $150 million investment round, as it continues to push the boundaries and lead the way in livestream commerce.

- Questioned whether Wayfair chose the right brand with which to debut its latest physical store concept.

- And discuss whether the Nordstrom and Trunk Club marriage was doomed from the start.

There's all that, plus pre-show fights, Pepsi in your pepperoni, and the pure testosterone that is Jon Hamm selling Yeti mugs.

Listen to This Week’s Fast Five Podcast

Be careful out there,

-- Chris, Anne, and the entire Omni Talk team

P.S. The podcast interviews we released this week were TOP notch.

We interviewed Firework CEO Vincent Yang about his recent money raise and what he thinks about the current state of livestream commerce (listen here).

And we also sat down with Signifyd's CMO Indy Guha to learn about the latest devilish trick fraudsters are using to take advantage of retailers and consumers (listen here).

You can listen to either one (or both) by clicking on the links above or on the images right below this sentence.

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