A&M’s Chad Lusk and Patricia Hong stop by to discuss the Albertsons-Kroger merger, the NFL’s plan to broadcast its first-ever Black Friday football game via Amazon, P&G getting more aggressive with its advertising, Shein doing resale, and what Veeve’s latest funding round says about the future of smart carts.

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Today's Fast Five Fri, 21 Oct 2022
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Hello Omni Talk Fans! Since we last came your way with all the day’s top news, the week took me to Boston for a quick stopover to keynote an event put on by one of our wonderful Fast Five sponsors, Silk.

There I debuted what appeared to be a well-received new speech, titled “The Top 10 Headlines That Indicate Where The Future Of Retail Is Headed.” 

Or at least I thought it was well-received – the fact that I gave the speech in a working distillery with an open bar may also have had something to do with the reception.

Perhaps. Just perhaps.

In this week’s Fast Five Podcast, A&M’s Chad Lusk and Patricia Hong stopped by to debate:

- What to make out of the Kroger/Albertsons merger

- How hyperbolic we should get over Amazon’s deal with the NFL to stream the first-ever Black Friday football game in 2023

- Whether P&G will have success trying to push consumers back into its higher priced brands amid inflation

- Why Shein’s move into resale could be an intuitive stroke of genius

- And closed with a look at Veeve’s “clip-on” strategy pivot and what it could mean for the future of smart carts

There’s all that, plus adult Happy Meals, Pan Solo, and Patricia’s favorite Real Housewives cast member.

Listen to This Week’s Fast Five Podcast

Be careful out there,

-- Chris, Anne, and the entire Omni Talk team

P.S. We have not one but two amazing events planned to come your way live via LinkedIn over the next few weeks.

First, as I shared on Tuesday, we are sitting down with Alicia LeBeouf, Meta’s Head of Industry for Retail & Grocery, to discuss how to create great mobile-first shopping experiences.

And then the following week, we plan to bring you a timely conversation about what it takes to scale up a customer service contact center just in time for the holidays with Jadah Hawkins, Alorica’s Senior Vice President Client Solutions.

You can register for both by clicking on the images below, and even if you can’t attend live, you should still register so you can access the content on demand via LinkedIn.

P.P.S. "Pan Solo" was not a misprint. In fact, it may just be the greatest thing I have ever seen. To find out why, click here.

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