Snapchat has had an eye on becoming a more robust shopping platform for some time and has recently worked to showcase brands and improve its interactive features on the app.
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Today's Fast Five Wed, 24 Mar 2021
33% of total retail revenue came from ecommerce.
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Hello Omni Talk Fans. The third edition of our startup newsletter is here. Special thanks to Omni Talk Contributor and loyal super fan Matt Bowen for helping us to put it all together for you.

These past few weeks have been quite the old reaffirmation of a few big trends we have been spotlighting in our podcasts for years.

Here were the Fast Five trends and startups making headlines:

  • Social Commerce: Snap acquired Fit Analytics in a move that it says will help them to execute on "next-gen shopping, fashion and style offerings" (Read More)
  • Scan & Go: MishiPay continued its crusade to revitalize high streets everywhere, this time inking a deal to bring its mobile self-checkout solution to Flying Tiger Copenhagen (Read More)
  • Digital Grocery: secured $21 million in Series A funding to help give grocers the digital tools they need for front-end commerce and efficient picking and order fulfillment (Read More)
  • Text Commerce: Heyday grabbed another $6.5 million so its chatbots can sell us more stuff, a business that some say could reach $142 billion annually by 2024 (Read More)
  • And, Just Plain Old Working Smarter And Not Harder: Nuorder netted $45 million to help merchants make better and more efficient buying decisions (Read More)

Plus, Matt is always sending us stuff we haven't seen before, and this week he rocked our world with:

  • A mobile app that lets you easily buy stock in the brands you love, just by shopping at them (Read More)
  • The intersection of waste and fashion (Read More)
  • An online African fashion launchpad (Read More)
  • And, the English Premier League going crypto (Read More)

— Chris, Anne, and the entire Omni Talk team

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4 Steps that will bring shoppers back to malls
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Editors: Chris Walton & Anne Mezzenga

Chris Walton and Anne Mezzenga are leading experts and influencers in omnichannel retailing. Connect with Chris and Anne on Linkedin.

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