E-commerce could eventually comprise 20% of Albertsons’ business, which would be beneficial for the company because it is able to connect better with consumers when they make purchases digitally, Sankaran said.
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Today's Fast Five Thu, 25 Mar 2021
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Today we also have a really fun podcast for you -- this time with our signature sponsors, the A&M Consumer and Retail Group

Chris and Anne sat down with Kristin and David of A&M (you should know them, so we are only using their first names) to talk all the trends happening in retail, along with a couple of ideas to which retailers should be paying more attention (click here to find out what those two ideas are).

Now to the headlines . . .

In Today's Fast Five:

  • Albertsons says it will open up 7 additional microfulfillment centers this year, which combined with Cleveron, Tortoise, Vertical Farming, and just how much we like Chris Rupp, makes Albertsons our early front runner for Retailer of the Year (Read More)
  • Amazon, the retailer that, let's be honest has probably been Retailer of the Year for the past 25 years and counting (but that's no fun), may now be taking Amazon Fresh to New York and . . . (Read More)
  • . . . also (oh sh*t) introducing commerce within its Amazon Music platform (Read More)
  • goPuff's valuation has now doubled in just five months to almost $9 billion (Read More)
  • And, GameStop has finally said to hell with comp store sales (Read More)

Anyone else have chills reading these headlines today?

We sure do.

Plus, as we alluded to above, Albertsons Chief Customer and Digital Officer Chris Rupp is top notch, and Anne interviewed her recently for her wonderful Women's Retail Collective Series, which is quite honestly probably the single best thing we do every month.

You can find the interview below or by clicking here.

— Chris, Anne, and the entire Omni Talk team

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E-commerce could eventually comprise 20% of Albertsons’ business, which would be beneficial for the company because it is able to connect better with consumers when they make purchases digitally, Sankaran...
Amazon continues to expand its Amazon Fresh store concept. Amazon Fresh will open a location at Manetto Hill Plaza, in Plainview, New York, which is about 33 miles from New York City, reported Newsday. It...
Amazon is integrating merchandise more deeply into Amazon Music, the company’s music streaming app — the latest example of Amazon tying consumer products into its larger media umbrella. Fans can now...
SoftBank-backed digital convenience store goPuff’s valuation has more than doubled in five months amid a pandemic-fueled surge in online food and grocery delivery.  The company announced Tuesday that it...
GameStop reported fourth-quarter sales that missed analysts’ estimates but said things were off to a “strong start” in the new year.  Net income was $80.5 million, or $1.19 per diluted share in the...
Editors: Chris Walton & Anne Mezzenga

Chris Walton and Anne Mezzenga are leading experts and influencers in omnichannel retailing. Connect with Chris and Anne on Linkedin.

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