Stores are reopening and customers are streaming back in, which means retailers that withheld rent during Covid-19 shutdowns are now able to pay. But first they have to agree with their landlords on how to define a sale.

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Today's Fast Five Tue, 30 Mar 2021
You Cant Spell Autonomous Shopping Without AI
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In other news, when is a pizza a pizza? When it comes out of the oven? Or when you put your fists in the dough?

As Seinfeld fans likely understand, that is exactly the debate that retailers and landlords are having in today's top headline.

In Today's Fast Five:

  • There's a fight over what constitutes a store sale -- landlords want credit for digital sales and retailers don't agree (Read More)
  • Nike continues its distribution pullback, this time cutting ties with DSW, Macy's, and more (Read More)
  • CNBC reports that JCP's interim CEO sees "green shoots," spurring vivid recollections of Nicholas Cage desperately waving green smoke flares at the end of The Rock (Read More)
  • Chipotle decides to invest in self-driving delivery startup Nuro (Read More)
  • And, who needs social commerce when you can have Tinder commerce instead? (Read More)

Sounds already like a match made in goPuff heaven.

Or at least the greatest way to sell prophylactics in history.

— Chris, Anne, and the entire Omni Talk team

P.S. Did you know that roughly 40% of all dollar store sales come from customers making less than $30,000 per year?

We didn't either, and then Nielsen sent us some info for our Fast Five podcast this past week that opened our eyes to the stat.

The data point also sheds some interesting light on why Dollar General's new Popshelf concept could go off like gangbusters, and you can hear all about it in our podcast below.

Amazon One Ups Social Commerce
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Stores are reopening and customers are streaming back in, which means retailers that withheld rent during Covid-19 shutdowns are now able to pay. But first they have to agree with their landlords on how to...
Nike is on a mission to reduce its presence at undifferentiated wholesale partners and expand its own DTC sales, and that means even some big retailers are getting burned. For this latest round of cuts, the...
Just a few months into serving as interim CEO of J.C. Penney, Stanley Shashoua said he sees signs of growth in the business. “J.C. Penney is a great American family destination, and our strength is in our...
Chipotle has invested in the autonomous delivery company Nuro as part of the startup’s latest funding round, the company said on Thursday. SoftBank-backed Nuroraised $500 million as part of the Series...
Tinder is teaming up with Lyft in preparation for the return of in-person dating. The dating service said Monday it will allow users to gift Lyft rides to dates directly through the Tinder app. Lyft already...
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