Friends of Omni Talk, Signifyd, raised $205 million to keep up with the growing demand for its next generation online fraud prevention software.

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Today's Fast Five Wed, 21 Apr 2021
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Hello Omni Talk Fans. The 5th edition of our startup newsletter is here.

Frequent Omni Talk contributor Matt Bowen, Anne, and I (Chris) are coming at you today with all latest retail startup news and notes that caught our attention.

The headlines over the last few weeks were a veritable melange of cool and interesting tech that continued to reinforce the major trends we have been highlighting week in and week out.

Here were the Fast Five trends and startups that topped our list:

  • Fraud Prevention: Friends of Omni Talk, Signifyd, raised $205 million to keep up with the growing demand for its next generation online fraud prevention software. (Read More)
  • Rental Economy: Grover, out of Berlin, secured $71 million for its subscription rental electronics business. (Read More)
  • Food Waste: Mori, a company whose proprietary compound of salt, water, and natural silk, can be used as an edible and protectable shield on fresh food, nabbed $16 million of Series B financing and really grossed out Anne. (Read More)
  • E-Commerce Operations: The e-commerce imagery business went gig economy as Soona raised $10.2 million for its crowdsourced photography platform. (Read More)
  • Fulfillment Robotics: An MIT startup named Pickle raised $5.75 million and also released one of the coolest videos we have seen of a robot working freight off of a truck. (Read More)

Plus, for good measure, here too are some of the other fun and fascinating things that caught our eyes:

  • SUNDAY's massive $24 million seed round to bring QR codes to indoor dining experiences. (Read More)
  • StockX's new brand logo that just keeps the word "eBay" running through our heads. (Read More)
  • The insane amount of investment that keeps going into 3rd Party Amazon Marketplace Brand rollups. (Read More)
  • And how intuitive it is that unused fabric should have its own e-commerce marketplace too. (Read More)

Be careful out there,

— Chris, Anne, Matt, and the entire Omni Talk team

P.S. As we teased yesterday, America's favorite intern, Emma the Intern, has taken her first full-time adult job, which means her last Fast Five podcast with us will be this Thursday.

To send Emma the Intern off in style, we will live release our podcast on LinkedIn at 3:15 EST on Thursday, and then immediately follow up the episode with our first, what we are calling, Overtime with Omni Talk on Clubhouse at 4 PM EST, where you, our loyal fans, can tell us what we got wrong, what we got right, and how much you will miss Emma the Intern.

And, for Clubhouse, be warned -- no shameless self-promotion and long-winded stage stealing.

We will mute you if you start talking like a gobshite.

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Editors: Chris Walton & Anne Mezzenga

Chris Walton and Anne Mezzenga are leading experts and influencers in omnichannel retailing. Connect with Chris and Anne on Linkedin.

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